Healthy Ice Cream? The Goods on a Good Thing

Healthy Ice Cream? The Goods on a Good Thing

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Updated on Jul 6, 2007

Too much sugar is a bad thing. But experts say that "tempting foods" like ice cream actually help us maintain a healthy diet. And in recent years, the frozen food section has undergone somewhat of a transformation. There are actually quite a few "healthy" options out there in the ice cream arena – all-fruit gelato with no added sugar, goat milk treats with more vitamin A and D than their cow milk brethren, and regular old lower fat versions with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Trolling the aisles, looking for the perfect pint? Here are a few tips:


  • Less is More.  Search for brands with five to eight ingredients or less.
  • Skip the Mumbo-Jumbo.  You shouldn't need to be a chemist to understand the label.  Search for brands with familiar ingredients – things like milk, sugar, and cream rather than gums, additives, or artificial color.
  • Slim the Sugar.  When in doubt, go for fruit flavors. High fruit content means less added sugar. 
  • High fat is bad.  Some ice cream can have 20 grams and up per serving – that's more than a T-bone steak!  Look for frozen yogurt, sorbet, and gelato, all of which tend to be significantly lower in fat. No or low saturated fat is best, ideally less than a gram.


We took the liberty of testing some pints here at the office (all in the name of research, you understand.)  Here were some of our staff favorites:

  1. Laloo's: In addition to being just plain yummy, goat milk ice cream is also often easier on kids with lactose intolerance.
  2. Ciao Bella: Gelato is rich and creamy, but lower in fat. You'll never miss what's missing.
  3. Whole Fruit: All fruit, all the time. And there's even a "No Sugar Added" option. The lemon flavor is especially good. And it's less than 60 calories per serving!

Once you've found your dream pint, take it home for a family date night.  Slap it between two homemade cookies and you've got ice cream sandwiches-- a real treat anytime of the year. 

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