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Updated on Jul 8, 2008

Stop to ask questions if you suspect a word might be confusing. You might say, “Why do you think he described that as being gigantic? What do you think gigantic means?”

Most importantly, have fun with your daily chats and readings. When a parent enjoys reading to a child, the child is more apt to enjoy listening and talking about the books. Lori Radun, a certified life coach and author of the Mom Coach™ family development products, says everyday is an opportunity for parents to model life for their children. “Children learn experientially from others,” she says. “A baby learns to smile from watching his mom smile at him. When parents are excited about learning, children will be excited about learning.”

Try these additional tips for incorporating vocabulary building into the summer schedule!

  • Use new and interesting words to describe daily summer activities.
  • Talk about the things you see during summer day trips.
  • Introduce new words when describing the summer weather.
  • Discuss summer adventures you and the kids could experience together.
  • Read books with interesting words related to the beach or other summer destinations.
  • Read books with descriptions of summer activities in different parts of the world.
  • Talk about and describe places around the world that you and the children could visit on a summer vacation.
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