Juggle Up a Backyard Circus! (page 2)

Juggle Up a Backyard Circus!

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Updated on Jul 14, 2008


What You Need:

  • costumes
  • wigs
  • makeup
  • silly shoes
What You Do:
Prepare. Go through your closets or storage and collect a bunch of oddball clothes, old shoes, hats, scarves and anything else goofy enough for clown costumes. Don’t forget something for the family dog, if he is willing to wear a bandana at least.

Practice. Clown stunts can be anything from silly walking, running, carrying each other piggy back, wheelbarrow walking, rolling over one another, pretending to lift heavy objects, telling a joke. Add juggling one or two balls with any activity to increase the challenge and hilarity. Help the children set an order of activities or events – best yet is to have a little story unfold.

Perform. Allow the performers access to some makeup or face paint as they don their costumes. “Once upon a time, there were three silly giants,” is a great opener. Anything can happen (and will!) with that!

Grand Finale - Suitcase Relay

What You Need:
Suitcase or backpack, stuffed with silly gear such as oversize clothing, goggles, old eyeglasses, belts, gloves, socks, hats, shoes.

What You Do:
Prepare. Set a racecourse. Whether you have a large or small space, place markers of some sort (chalk marks, sticks) for a start/finish line (racers will finish back at the starting line), and midpoint, where the suitcases lay. You need at least two players or two teams for this race, with a suitcase stuffed equally with silly clothing.

Practice. “Ready, spaghetti, go!” A runner from each team takes off towards his or her suitcase, gets there, and must don one item and run back home. The next (or same, with only two runners) racer takes off and does the same thing, each runner layering a silly wardrobe piece by piece on top of their clothes. They must continue to run, however hindered they may be. The resulting trips, staggers, and even tumbles add to the fun.

Perform. A grand circus finale, best served up with music (kazoos again!) and cheers. Whatever happens, everyone is a winner as each crosses the finish line.

Afterwards have the kids pose for a photo in a final tableau, juggling balls up in the air all at the same time, with arms around each other, or piled upon one another in a pyramid. Serve up a cold treat to wind up the festivities, and laugh together over the funniest moments. It’s a circus to remember!

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