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Math Up the Olympics!

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Updated on Jan 28, 2010

Work with Word Problems Try working through some Olympics-related word problems with your kids. Here are a few to start with:

  • In the 4 x 400-m relay, four runners each run a distance of 400 m. What is the total distance they run, measured in feet?
  • There are 1000 meters in one kilometer. In the 4 x 10-km relay, four cross-country skiers ski a total of 40 km. What is the total distance they ski, measured in meters? How about in feet?
  • In the 2004 Olympic Games, these were the results in the men's 200m freestyle: Gold: Ian Thorpe (AUS) 1 minute, 44.71 seconds Silver: P. Hoogenband (NED) 1 minute, 45.23 seconds Bronze: Michael Phelps,(USA) 1 minute, 45.32 seconds  
    • How much time passed between the moment the gold medalist finished and the moment the bronze medalist finished?  
    • The Olympic Games take place every two years, alternating between summer and winter athletic events. Therefore, how many times do the Olympic Gaames take place in 68 years?

Extra Credit! Get outside and work on some world record calculations of your own!

Long Jump: Set up a “long jump” pit at your local playground, and have your child take a running start to leap and land as far as he can. Then, mark the spot where he landed and have your child measure the distance using a tape measure. How many feet did he jump? How many meters? Compare to Dwight Phillips' 8.59 meters in the 2004 Olympics.

100 meter dash: The shortest race in the Olympics, the winner of the 100 meter sprint is often referred to as “the fastest man/woman on Earth.” Measure out 10 meters (32 ft.) with a tape measure on your sidewalk or in a park. Time your child as she races the 10 meters. How many seconds did it take? Multiply that by ten to find your child's 100 meter time. Is it enough to beat Jamaican Usain Bolt's world record time of 9.72 seconds? Maybe next time!

Create your own Olympic event! Whether it's sledding or swimming, kids have some pretty great stamina and strength. Host a neighborhood competition or simply time your own child doing an activity and record the time to be broken later!

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