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Updated on Aug 6, 2013

What if I Give in to My Teen’s Request?

Still, if you and your teen decide to go forward with body decoration, how do you pick the safest procedure and best venue? According to Fleming, each state has different regulations with regard to tattoos and piercings, but check to be sure the establishment is properly licensed,” he says. “Also, like restaurants, the cleanliness of the floor, walls, and bathrooms is a rough index of the sanitary conditions. I would also observe for good sterile technique in terms of use of sterile gloves, disposable needles, and properly sterilized instruments.” A piercing gun should not be used since it cannot be properly sterilized, and needles should never be reused. Fleming notes that for hair cutting, shaving, and dying, a sterile technique is not necessary, but it is again important to check out an establishment’s license and cleanliness. Additionally, make sure your teen is fully immunized against hepatitis B and tetanus before getting a piercing or tattoo, and, with piercing in particular, The American Academy of Pediatrics/New York Chapter 2 recommends that they use only jewelry made of surgical grade stainless steel, 14 karat or 18 karat gold, niobium, or titanium and that you keep pierced and tattooed areas clean until they are completely healed (see below).

  • Shaving/Dying Risks: Allergic Reactions
  • Piercing Risks: Scarring/Deformaties, Allergic Reactions, Hepatitis, Staph skin infections, infections, Bleeding/lacerations, Chipping of teeth/Speech impediments.
  • Tattooing Risks: Scarring/Deformaties, Allergic Reactions, Hepatitis, Staph skin infections, infections, Bleeding/lacerations.

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