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Sustainability Made Simple (page 2)

Sustainability Made Simple

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Updated on Jul 29, 2013

Knit It Up

At a fabric store, grab a yard or two of material or a few balls of yarn, choose a few patterns, and then compile a basic sewing kit. You can find an instruction book with colorful illustrations at the library to get started, and then sew or knit with your child as you watch TV, establishing a fun, productive nighttime activity.

Raise Rabbits for Fiber

Want to make your own yarn? Consider raising Angora rabbits for spinnable fiber, Woginrich recommends. This starter animal requires little previous experience, but younger children should be supervised due to the rabbit’s sharp claws. Older kids and teens can brush its fur and collect loose hair weekly, or help to shear its entire body, which you can send off to be processed into soft, natural yarn.

Create a Family Soundtrack

Adding old-time, mountain music to your life—made by instruments like the fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin—aids with boredom and anxiety, Woginrich writes. If you and your child can score a couple of instruments to play, immerse yourselves in the music: Listen to it at home and in the car, and have unstructured jam sessions and pluck whatever sounds good.

Promote Self-Sufficiency

Projects that encourage a more sustainable lifestyle are plentiful. Try these ideas out:

  • Baking bread from scratch
  • Gathering used wrapping paper to create collages and art projects
  • Composting leftovers for soil
  • Using candles or non-motorized devices when possible (hand beaters, coffee bean grinders, juicers)
  • Creating reusable cloth grocery bags using fabric paints.

Not all of these activities may be fitting for your family or geographic location. But these projects are starting points, and will hopefully spark more ideas that promote a DIY household.

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