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Updated on Oct 13, 2008

Victorian Games

Lookabout - The host shows an item to the group.  The group then leaves the room, and the host hides the item.  The group returns and looks for the hidden item.  When a person spots the item, he or she sits down.  The last person standing then becomes “it”. 

Name the Nursery Rhyme - A person says a line from a nursery rhyme without giving the name of the rhyme. The group then tries to guess the name of the rhyme.

Oh, Great Queen - The queen sits on a “throne” and her subjects, the children in the group, come up one at a time and stand before her.  The subject says without laughing, “Oh, great queen, I worship thee and bow down before thee”.  The queen then makes silly faces and goofy poses in an attempt to get her subject to laugh.  When a subject laughs, he or she then becomes the new king or queen. 

Potato Race - Two rows of 12 potatoes are put on the ground three feet apart.  A basket is placed at the end of the rows.  Two players compete against each other to be the first to place all of their potatoes in the basket using only a spoon.  The players are not allowed to use their fingers to pick up the potatoes.

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