Coping with Bedwetting (page 2)

Coping with Bedwetting

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Updated on Sep 4, 2013

Turn to the Library for Help

Check out books at the library covering bedwetting and read them with your child. Prince Bravery & Grace: Attack of the Wet Knights by Gail Gross, Lynne Gorham, and Callahan Malone has comforted many children struggling with nighttime wetness under the age of 9. Sammy the Elephant and Mr. Camel: A story to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting is better for children under the age of 6.

Handling Siblings

Parents often wonder whether they should tell siblings about a child’s bedwetting and most experts agree that, yes, you probably should. Secrets tend to be problematic in families and children can almost always tell that something is amiss. It can be especially troubling for children to hear things, see things, and assume that something is wrong, but not have accurate information. They tend to fill in the gaps (inaccurately), which can lead to other kinds of problems. Thus, straight-forward honesty is most likely best.

Sit down with siblings and explain the situation in an age-appropriate manner. As you did with your child who is wetting the bed, let their sibling know that this is a problem many children struggle with, there is little that their sibling can do to control the situation, and you are working on a plan to help their sibling. It would probably also be useful to remind them that this is a personal manner that should be kept within the family (you can explain that some children are always looking for an opportunity to tease one another, and you don’t want their sibling to be teased for something out of their control). You might also add that there are probably things about themselves that they don’t necessarily want their peers to know about, so imagine what it would feel like for a bullying peer to get a hold of that information. This is an opportunity to practice empathy and put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Putting it All Together

Although your child may be suffering because of nighttime accidents, there is a lot that you can do as a parent to help them feel better and gain some control over the situation. Get the information and support you need to be able to confidently and expertly guide your child through the process. And, never hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician or other parents. Just as your child is not alone in this situation, neither are you. With the right support network and armed with a plan, your child will be able to confidently begin mastering nighttime potty troubles.

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