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Updated on Sep 18, 2008

Special Needs. Especially in kindergarten, as kids encounter school routines for the first time, unexpected special needs can arise. If a child needs a specialist, or a special kind of physical setting, a move may be appropriate.

Health and Safety. Once in a very great while, a classroom setting, or a particular group chemistry, poses safety problems for a child. A child with a severe nut allergy, for example, may need special kinds of ventilation, or proximity to the nurse’s office. A principal would work closely with staff members to assess the situation and determine what’s best.

Irreparable Relationship Between Parent and Teacher. This is the most delicate judgment, says Clark, and one that she would only make “as an absolute last resort.” But if parents and teacher both agree that a situation has become profoundly unworkable, a school may consider a change. In nearly two decades of work in the field, however, Clark cautions, she has made this judgment only two or three times.

So if you’re worried, where does this leave you? Don’t be surprised if your school resists moving classrooms…but don’t despair either.

No matter what, say both Davenport and Clark, nobody expects you just to sit back and go mute—the school wants to hear your concerns and insights about your child. And they’ll do everything possible to help you work it through. It just may mean intervention other than a classroom move. Still, regardless of what happens, you can rest assured: just like you, educators really want your child to thrive. And they'll partner with you to make it happen.

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