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The Do's and Don'ts of Editing Your Child's Writing (page 2)

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Updated on Nov 8, 2010

Do publish your child’s work. After editing in one or more of the ways listed above, a third encounter with a piece of writing may include one of the following publishing practices: make the story into a book, give your writing to another person, share during Author’s Chair (see below.) Repetitive exposure to his own work can increase your child’s academic confidence and interest in writing.

Do instate Author’s Chair. Author’s Chair is a time for undivided attention on your young writer’s work. If you don’t have time to hear every piece of writing, put it in a special box or folder, and make time later for Author’s Chair. Choose a special chair for the aspiring writer to sit on. Encourage your child to read his own writing, even if he makes it up. Author’s Chair is a particularly good opportunity for a group of children, for example siblings, to listen to one another.

Writing can be a wonderful, joyful experience for children of all ages. The key is to make it fun and personalize writing for your child. Let him choose which tool he wants to write with today. Encourage your child to try one new thing from the lists above at a time. Celebrate writing with the whole family!

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