Is Your Child Spending Too Much Time On Facebook?

Is Your Child Spending Too Much Time On Facebook?

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Updated on Sep 17, 2013

Does it seem like your teen spends every free moment she has on Facebook? She's not alone.

In 2011, Consumer Reports found that 20 million kids actively used Facebook over the last year. Of that, 7.5 million were younger than 13. The social networking site's own rules prohibit users that young.

Beyond that, the consumer research firm Neilsen found that in March 2011, a typical Facebook user was on the site for a staggering 6 hours and 35 minutes at a time.

But is your child spending too much time on Facebook?

Before you can answer that, you need to know where your teen is using the site. Home computers aren't the only point of access, says Monica Vila, founder of The Online Mom. Kids also log on from cell phones, tablet computers and computers at friends' houses — sometimes even at school.

You should also know what your child is using Facebook for, Vila says. Does she hop on to chat with her friends, play games or keep in touch with grandparents? Vila advises talking with your child about what she does on the site and how she decides who to add as a friend.

Your teen may appear to choose Facebook over real life. But Larry Magid, co-director of, says your child's use of Facebook is probably no different from the way you used the telephone when you were a teen. The only difference is the medium.

"There's nothing unusual about teenagers wanting to be social," Magid says. "Facebook is part of their real life." What's changed is the some of the ways in which teens interact with one another.

Facebook's Benefits

While teens often log onto Facebook at the expense of doing homework, Vila says the site can also help them in school. This spring, she says, some students at her local high school were chatting on the site about trouble they were having with a class project. A user who was a mutual friend of the students and their teacher alerted the teacher to this fact and the students were able to work through the problem with the teacher.

Plus, social-networking savvy is becoming increasingly important in the work world, especially within the world of business. Learning how to use this technology now will help teens when they start their careers.

The social aspect of Facebook is the most obvious. Magid points out that the nature of the site means teens are, for the most part, connecting with people they know offline. When they're on Facebook, they're figuring out where they fit into the social scene at school and discussing everything from relationships to music to politics.

How Much is Too Much?

There are no firm guidelines about how many hours a teen should be on Facebook. That can change from parent to parent. The real question is whether time on the site is interfering with your child's daily life, and more importantly, is it opening the doors to any harmful or dangerous situations.

Magid uses the comparison of adults who use alcohol too heavily. "It's one thing to have a drink or two and go about your life," he says. "It's another if you live for drinking." Not only can too much Facebook time get in the way of your child having an active, healthy life and home and at school, but it could also lead to misuse of the site, which could cause bigger problems down the road.

Vila says your observations can tell you if your teen uses Facebook too much. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is she isolating herself from family and friends so she can log onto Facebook?
  • Is she spending a lot of time in her bedroom by herself?
  • Is she irritable or staying up too late for no apparent reason?
  • Is she doing worse in school in proportion to the amount of time she spends on Facebook?

These are just some of the things you should consider when looking for clues about the overuse of Facebook. But what can you do to help your child cut back on Facebook time?

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