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How about 10 ways to nurture learning from second grade to third grade?

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chemteacher writes:
I don't have ten ways, but I do have a short list that worked well for my kids:
1) We play a lot of games in the car instead of them playing video games or watching TV. We do spelling games (pick a letter, then find words that start with that letter and spell them). I pick the letter, they pick the words, I have to spell them. Then we reverse roles.
2) We do "quick math" with playing cards (2-10 only). I flip 2 cards over and they have to add or subtract to get the correct answer. Since my kids are 1 year apart in age, it works well. They keep the cards they get correct. The one with the last correct answer chooses the next function (add/subtract). We play this at Dr offices and restaurants while we are waiting.
3) Go hiking: we watch the water roll down hills, look at different bugs and animals, observe as much as we can and then talk about the big "why". I don't always have answers, but they will go home and look up answers.

Any type of learning, not just from a book, will help. Be creative and don't turn it into a "class", just have fun!
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