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My 10-year old daughter has no interest in studies

Hi World,

My daughter in her primary 5 has no interest in her studies since the time she entered primary school.  Now she doesn't revise for her exams, she doesn't even bother about her homework.  She waits for our explanation or answers to her homework, and then fill up her worksheet.  Basically, she learns and forgets immediately. She negotiates with us to watch TV drama whenever we want her to do a little more revisions.  She is also rowdy everytime she studies.  

Appreciate any heavenly advice that works before the whole family go mad, please.


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Jul 6, 2011
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The reaction of your daughter sounds pretty common for children her age.  You are actually doing a number of things correctly by trying to bargain with her with television time for studies.  But something does need to change so that she can develop more positive study habits that won't drive the family mad.  Here are some things to think about.  They may or may not work, but it is worth exploring.

What is the environment in which studying is being done?  If it is being done in the living room and this happens, maybe move it to the bedroom or the dining room.  Maybe even move it to a public library so that it will be less likely that she will cause a ruckus.  Also changing the time of day may help.  Perhaps she will do better immediately after school.  Or maybe before or after dinner. Changing things such as these can really make a difference.  

Are their subjects that she enjoys and ones that she is adverse to?  By noticing this you may learn that her frustration may come from only certain subjects which may be related to a learning disability, not connecting with the teaching style, or simply a lack of interest.  A private tutor in certain subjects can make a difference.  

Ask questions.  When she wants you to do her homework for her, don't.  Instead ask her leading questions and make her explain things to you, the whole time reminding her that the sooner she gets this done, the sooner homework time will be over.  If she doesn't like homework, than encourage her to develop good study skills so that completion of the homework comes faster.  

Notice and point out ANY time that she is engaging in good study habits.  Encourage her by catching her being good. It's always helpful to recognize the good instead of just pointing out the bad.  

Hopefully these pointer will be helpful!  We wish you and her luck!

Counselor, Dominic
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