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My 10 year old steals a lot. How can I fix it?

So he is 10, straight A's in school, no problems at school. His father and I are still together. He is the oldest of 3. He is very smart, like a fox. His dad isn't home a lot because of work so it's basically just me. In the last week he has stolen a DVD player and PlayStation from my employees. An iPod from his grandma and numerous toys from his baby brother who just had a birthday. (I mean really taking them) and now things from other kids too. Initially it started with the DVD player and PlayStation. We grounded him for a month. (This is something we've had problems with before) then during the grounding he has stolen quite a bit more stuff. He shows no remorse and his punishment doesn't seem to bother him in the least bit. I don't know what to do anymore. He's being grounded for 2 months now. He does chores and I'm having him write me an essay a day pertaining to his punishment. And still he takes stuff. Somebody please help me! I am honestly at my wits end. Military school? Scared straight program?
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Nov 26, 2012
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Compulsive stealing needs an attention of a therapist.  Your child's nurse practitioner or pediatrician will be able to refer you to one in your area.

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