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My 10th grade son is poster-child for twice exceptional. Loves music/violin, but failing academics in LAUSD school. Any educational suggestions?

My tenth grade son, [name removed by JustAsk moderator], attends an LAUSD school on the west side of Los Angeles. LAUSD has never seemed to be able to follow his IEP and teachers think he is lazy. He has resources, and we provide private tutoring, but it doesn't help. [name removed by JustAsk moderator] aspires to be a veterinarian. [name removed by JustAsk moderator] loves music, specifically violin, but he has memory issues, difficulty with multi-tasking, fails to write down/complete homework and class assignments. [name removed by JustAsk moderator] enjoys being with friends, but doesn't make effort to socialize outside of school. There is an emphasis on being with family. His doctor (well thought of neurologist/psychiatrist) is hesitant to label him ADD, but prescribes Lexapro, Welbutrin, Intuniv. We recently found out about "Twice Exceptional" -- he seems to fit all the criteria. [name removed by JustAsk moderator] complains of inability to sleep at night. [name removed by JustAsk moderator] has Turrets that manifests in noises and sometimes a head jerk. He has been taking growth hormone since January. We are desperate to find a educational system and/or different school to help him succeed with learning deficits, but that can address his love of music. Any suggestions would be very helpful and most welcome. Thank you in advance!
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