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I am a 1:1 associate who works with BD kids.  Can I be assigned to my own special needs child?

I am a 1:1 teachers associate for a wonderful school district in Iowa.  Three years ago, our district adopted an inclusion policy for all of our special needs & behavior kids and it's working well.  My 8 year old daughter has classical Autism, with a secondary diagnosis of ADHD and mild MR.  She has a very involved IEP & BIP.  I would like to propose to our Director of Special Education that I be assigned to my daughter as her 1:1 associate.  I believe it would be a win-win for everyone involved with her education.  I am committed to what's best for her while being respectful and having integrity with the certified staff that work with her.  In  other words, I will work hard to ensure certified staff doesn't feel like I'm stepping in front of their authority or decision making - I will save it for her IEP meetings as I always have.  I would like to know if this has been done elsewhere and if it was successful.  Thank you so much for any input you can provide.
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