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My 11 year old son is in IEP classes in 6th grade but is still failing 2 classes. Should I consider private tutoring?

My son has always been below grade level with his reading but the IEP classes seemed to help. He struggled with the transition to Middle School and now is having trouble in Geography and Science.

His teachers tell me his writing is hard to read and he rushes through assignments and classwork. He does this with his homework too.

My husband and I are working with his teachers and the school to help him bring up his grades but we are frustrated that nothing seems to be helping.

Should we consider getting outside help such as a private tutor or other resources?
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Feb 27, 2009
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Hi Christine,
I would suggest you look into getting your son "supplemental education" assistance. This is a process that most certified learning centers adhere to. The reason most children struggle on their current grade level is because they have missed foundational skills in past grades and school keeps "moving forward". Knowing that you son has an IEP assures me that this his main reason for being behind in his subjects. By what you state it would appear that one of his main academic issues is reading comprehension. Both geography and science need a good base for reading comp. Also his math skills may be behind as both of these subject require a bit of math logic. Pick up the phone and call some of your local accredited learning centers and see what they can offer you. He needs to be pretested in order to figure out which skills from past grade levels are not in his foundational base. School only get harder and more reading comp is required as he moves up the academic ladder. Sooner rather than later would be the correct logic for your issue.
Best to you and your son. Thank you for being an invested parent.
Barbara Antinoro
Educational Counselor
Kid Angel Foundation Team

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