noddy asks:

My 11 year old wont go on school trips.

My son is 11 and says that he cant sleep when his around other peoples home, but fine when its family.

He has a trip with the school in May which he will be away for 4 nights. We have paid for this as he said he wanted to go but now he is saying that he doesn't want to go because he wont be able to sleep. I find it very frustrating because i don't understand why and such a wasted opportunity.

I really don't know how to handle this and what i should do.
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BigSis writes:
Hi Noddy,

I'm sorry to hear that your son is having trouble sleeping and is now changing his mind about going on his school trip.

Have you asked him what keeps him awake when he is away from home? Maybe finding out the reason for his unease could help him feel more comfortable.

Another idea is to have him go on sleepovers at his close friends or family so he can practice being away from home and maybe make him more comfortable in a different environment.

I've also included some articles that I thought would help.

If your son does end up going on his trip, it could be fun to send him a care package to brighten his day :)

Good luck.

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