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My 14 year old son does not want to attend school. The NSW Ed Dept are now involved & legal action may be taken. What does the court process involve?

My 14 year old son has struggled with school since grade 7. He & his older brother were bullied for a long period of time with the bully living across from us also. Police etc were all informed, the school at the time did not do much at all they were forever pushing the issue on to the police. Gladly the bully left & left the area. Beginning of year 8 I placed my son in another school & he was doing really well, not an A grade student but managed his work well, sadly he had alto of absences in Year 8 and now the start of Year 9 he also has not attended often. He just does not like school, I have spoke on a few occasions to the police, I have taken him to Counselling (which helped greatly with other issues) I have taken him to our family doctor for advice, The Main Questions asked from school & police were 1: What gang does he hang around 2: What drugs do you think he may be taking 4: Does he smoke 5: Does he drink & where do you think he hangs out at night. Well to all of the above (believe it or not) he does none of these, I know where he is all the time, there are no gangs, no drugs, no smoking & no drinking. He got himself a part time job & eagerly awaits when he has a shift, is there half hour before his shift & wants to work longer when his shift is over, he begged me to let him work & leave school. Since I have been in contact with an officer from the Ed Depart she has been really supporting me & trying to find ways to get my son back to school but he wont budge.
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Apr 1, 2011
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It sounds as if you have a very challenging situation on your hands, and you are to be commended for trying the ideas you mentioned as a way to help him get back in school.

There is one other option you should seriously consider- take him to a qualified counselor or therapist that specializes in helping children of his age. There may be underlying issues that you are not aware of, and it may take a counselor/therapist to help figure out why he doesn't want to go to school.

Please know that you are not alone. In my experiences over the years as a teacher, guidance counselor and principal, some children dislike school intensely. Often it is critical to get to the underlying reasons. A counselor/therapist can help, and you can likely get a recommendation from your school's guidance counselor.

Best wishes!

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