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How to help a 15-year-old student in Indiana who has dropped out of school due to bullying?

"I know of a 15-year-old boy who has dropped out of school. He was teased relentlessly. He is very poor and does not have much of a parent at home. I decided to try and help him find a program to help him since somehow the system hasn't. Not looking to get him took out of the home. He is not abused physically. He just needs motivation. Just wondering about private settings or special schools or even outside home schooling. Going back to public at this point would be useless since the school doesn't seem to care about the bullies or even the fact that he is not there.This is the state of Indiana. Please help me get the information needed to assure that he gets past a 7th grade education. Thank You! ASAP Please."

Asked by Melinda via email.
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Apr 19, 2010
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     This siutation seems very dire, and I hope you can help this young man stay in school and succeed.  Unfortunately I doubt if this youngster can get into an online or virtual school in Indiana because it sounds as if he is in the 7th grade.

     I wonder what issues might be involved in a 15-yr old youngster who is in the 7th grade.  Perhaps he has repeated school before, or perhaps he has a learning disability or other type of special need.  If so there should be lots of alternative options to consider.

     You must start with the school guidance counselor.  It may seem like the school doesn't care, but don't be too quick to judge until there has been a face-to-face meeting with the guidance counselor or other school officials.  This must be done first and foremost.

     In that meeting ask directly what are alternative placements that could be considered for this young man.

     Hopefully the meeting at the school will be helpful.  Good luck!

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Loddie1 , Parent writes:
Hello, one thing I would suggest is an at home curriculum. Going back to that school will only do more damage. It is now time to move on and start re-building his confidence levels. First research your state's homeschool laws here :

After you have covered the law end of things, then you can relax! All you need to do is get some worksheets off the computer to finish out this year. This summer I would order him the 8th grade curriculum of your choice. I have posted some links below that are curriculum providers.

Good Luck and just be thankful he is out of that awful environment!


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