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My 15 year old son insist that I left him alone was he was a small child.  He tells me he hates me.  

My 15 y/o son insists that I left him alone throughout his childhood.  For the last couple of years he tells me he hates. He acts out in school, doesn't do school work and he smokes pot. The last 5 months were better as far as him hugging me and telling me he loves me, until today.  He got in trouble in school.  He said I told him he was a mistake.  I did not say that to him. He always twists what is said. I said he disappointed me and that he means the world to me.  He hates me again and is insisting I left him alone as a child and that is where I messed up as a mother.  He will not listen to me.  How do I change what he believes.
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May 23, 2013
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Your son's acting out and using drugs are cries for help.  Sounds like there is something going on with him on the emotional level.  Has he been depressed?  Moody?  Doe she get outbursts of anger?  Any of these, or even the sole fact that he uses drugs, need attention of an adolescent therapist as soon as possible.  Your son's regular health care provider will be able to refer you to one in the community.  

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