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kerry35 asks:

my 15 year old son wont go to school. its got so bad we have already had a pre-court hearing

my son wont go to school, iv try everything to get him there but with no luck. im on anti-depressance as a result of this, don't know how much more i can cope with but he really isn't bothered by any of it, he don't care if i get a fine & a crimal record. he dose nothing alday. im surprised the school hasn't kicked him out yet but know it wont be long. he also has a really bad temper, he has smashed things up in my house & has also hit me a couple of times. how hard is it to home school him & could i get any help with is?? don't know what to do now?
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Apr 25, 2012
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What the Expert Says:

It sounds as if you are in a very difficult situation and that you need help.  Please seek that help as quickly as possible.  In your community there should be a Department of Social Services (or a title similar).  Call them immediately, describe your situation, and they should assign a case worker to visit with you and provide assistance and support.

Please do not wait.  Call immediately.

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