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Why after 16 years of education have I only just been given a dyslexia test?

Hello, I am now 17 years of age

Since I can remember I have struggled in school, from when I first started in primary school to be precise. I remember the other school children saying "I don't want to work with her because she is stupid" I remember not being about to count up to 30 when I was six years of age! Which is pretty bad :( . I was so embarrassed. I have just started college and I have only just been asked whether I would like a dyslexia test, I said yes, and guess what I am dyslexic, but still I have a high IQ. So why is it I ask myself, did I not get the rite support, through-out my school life, meaning I could have got possible A-A* and succeeded in my dream career, to a vet. But no only smart people can do that! ? Why did my teachers and parents not notice or not care? I have technically left school with 3 GCSE'S because I wasn't given the support I needed. I'm still a child who struggles a lot, I feel like I need to be given back my education, from people who didn't, just, care really! . I wrote this on here, because really I just feel sad :(, Thank you  
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EdEd writes:
That's really sad to hear - sorry you felt stranded for so long! Unfortunately, some schools don't pick up on things like that - doesn't mean that it's right, but sometimes that's what happens. It does seem like you are the right track now, and I would say do NOT give up on your dreams! You're only 17, and no matter how poorly you may have done, you can always improve. It may take you longer, may cost more money, and may be really tough, but if it's truly your dream, don't give up on it. Show all of your teachers and peers what you are really made of - become a vet, then go back in 10 years and visit - show them the potential they should have realized.

Whatever you end up doing, take that frustration and use it motivate you to do even better - not to become bitter spend your time wishing what could have been.
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