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My 17 year old is Dyslexic, but very intelligent. How do I guide him to choose his subjects in High School 12th Grade?

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hlevitan , Teacher writes:

Senior year in high school can be a very exciting time, and it is great that you are helping your teen choose courses.  It is important that you help your teen chose classes that he would enjoy taking.  If your teen is motivated to take a class, he is more likely to succeed in that class.  Dyslexia is a learning disability, and it will not stop your child from achieving in school.  Your teen can take any class that he puts his mind to.

It is also good to look ahead to the future.  Here are some articles you may want to look at concerning dyslexia and college:

I suggest that you choose classes for your teen that will help him in the future.  Perhaps you can steer your child towards electives that spark his interest or relate to his professional ambitions.  It is important to make sure that your teen has the required amount of science and math classes needed to apply to universities.  Some colleges require 3 years of math, others require 4.  It is important that you look at what and where your teen wants to study.

Best wishes choosing classes!

- Hayley
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