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I have a question about why my 18 month old isn't talking yet.

 She says dada mama and baba and that's it the rest is baby talk, what can I do to help her talk more I read to her I repeat what an item is when holding it, like cup, spoon bowl, ext..... The point is I feel like a terrible mother, she should at least be talking a little. I know every kid is different my oldest two where different in development as well both perfectly healthy but my oldest didn't start talking til he was almost 3 and the doctor told me he was fine just shy. And my doctor told me that my youngest daughter is just fine growing well, and to just be patient with her, she'll talk when she's ready. She really does try to say kitty and sissy and grandma we can make it out but it's just not that clear yet. Should I just be patient like the doctor said is there anything else I can do for her to help her improve her speaking, besides reading to her. Do you think flash cards are a bit much I was thinking about making some for her and putting pictures on the back, or is that a little to extreme please let me know. I just feel like I'm failing my daughter right now because she isn't talking, I feel like I'm not doing enough, thanks for listening.

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Aug 30, 2010
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At age 18 months, a child should say at least 3 words.  Your daughter does, so  she is right on target with her language development!  By age 24 months, she should know how to say about 50 words and be able to put two word sentences together, such as "me milk".  If she does not, or if before her second birthday you notice that she may a difficult time hearing things, talk to your child's regular health care provider.

In the mean time, remember that children develop at their own pace.  To help your daughter with language acquisition, read to her everyday, talk to her and sing as much as you can.

Best regards.
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