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What do you do when your 1st grader is grabbed by the arm by a school teacher and left with a bruise on his arm?

My son's first grade teacher grabbed him by the arm due to misbehavior in the classroom. I had previously asked her to not use corporal punishment on my child. After pulling all his sticks (discipline tool used to chart behavior) the teacher grabbed him by his arm, he said digging her fingernail in his arm and left a bruise the size of a finger on his arm. She also told him, "you will be good either way!" I have went to the school faculty and superintendent. I also filed charges on the teacher in which it has been a month and a half and the prosecuting attorney has just gotten in touch with me. There still has been no court date set. My child is still in the class with the teacher because the administrator of the school felt taking him out of the class would be admitting guilt due to my filing charges on the teacher. The school never reported anything to the department of human services here in our county (although I did, and was told they cannot handle out of home situations). What else is a mother to do? My child's behavior in the class has gotten better when I told him I was trying to get him in another class. After I told him the school would not put him in another class, his behavior has taken a turn for the worst. What the teacher calls, "very aggressive"! Hmmm I wonder why he would be acting aggressive? Please help. Mother Trying To Protect Her Child
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May 29, 2013
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It sounds like you have already addressed the situation with the school administration, but the following are steps that are recommended when you have concerns about any bullying related situation that occurs within the school:

1.  Parents should contact the school and share their concerns.

2.  Parents can file a formal written complaint to the school regarding their concerns—this should prompt a formal investigation.

3.  Parents can request that the school provide safety plan/support for their child --who is a "safe person" for them to talk to if they are concerned that something else will happen.

4.  Parents should ask for a finding on the complaint so everyone is aware of efforts taken to address issue.  In this case, what steps will the teacher do to avoid a similar situation in the future.  Similarly, is there anything your child should avoid doing that could be seen as out of control or disruptive?

5.  Every district has a superintendent and board of education that make decisions regarding issues that are not resolved; as a result parents should contact them with all unresolved issues.

6.  If you have worked with the schools and feel that there is still no resolution, you can contact your state's Dept of Education.

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