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How to help 2 year old son with smell sensitivities? It's hindering potty training.

"I have 4 sons and am a Kindergarten teacher.  My youngest is 2 and vomits and gags at 'poo', if he sees it or smells it.  This is making toilet training impossible! He wants to use the loo and copy his 4yr old brother, but starts gagging the minute he goes near the loo. He also gagged when I was teaching him to blow his nose and showed him in the tissue.  I have tried putting all kinds of scented things and odor neutralizers etc., but it's as if he has such a weak stomach for yucky stuff. How do I help him?"

Asked by Kim in commenting on the article, "Raising a Sensitive Child":
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coedchic writes:
Have you talked to your weak-stomached son about what causes the smells? Maybe explaining to him the process of digestion (in a simplified version) and the result (poo) would help him. Toiletry needs are part of life and completely natural.
Another idea: Could you go through the toileting process with a doll as a prop and have him go through the motions with the doll?
My parents used rubber pants to potty train my siblings and I and now they are heloing to raise my nephews and using the same methods.
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