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What should my 2 year old be doing or soon will be doing?

My son is my first and is now 2. I have ideas on where he should be but I'm not 100% sure, I feel as though my husband and I doing pretty well with him but I also don't want to over look anything and have him behind. He can say his name and knows others by name. He is very talkative but has not mastered sentences and has started to try and sing. He knows most animals and their sounds. He also knows most body parts. We have been trying the ABC's and 123's in both English and trying Spanish. Also knows hello and goodbye friend in Spanish. We have also started potty training. I feel in some areas he excels but in others he should be better at by now.
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Wayne Yankus
Apr 15, 2011
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it sounds as if he is moving well into a bilingual world.  if in doubt, consult your pediatrician about where she sees his development.  consult the American Academy of Pediatrics website for the milestones he should have achieved.  Also, don't try to hard. It takes all kinds of minds.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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CJA829 writes:
Hi deedee85,

It sounds like you're doing very well with your son, and it's great that you are concerned and proactive.
Your pediatrician should also be a good resource for you to ask questions, and he or she can usually give a good sense of where your child should be or if there's a cause for concern. Remember that developmentally there are some things a two-year-old will struggle with because they're still growing, but of course that doesn't mean you shouldn't introduce new concepts or use play to develop their skills and interest w/ the world around them.

And remember that every kid is different, and goes at a different pace but that doesn't mean they aren't learning or won't "get it."
I'd suggest you talk to your pediatrician, and even look into a good day/preschool around you that has an engaging schedule and play (play is a very good tool for learning), your son could start going one or two days a week, if not this summer maybe next year when he's older. It's good for his social skills too.

Hope this helps a bit.
It sounds like you're doing well, just remember to relax and enjoy this time, too!

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