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2 yr 4 months toddler doesn't eat without his rhymes playing on laptop...

my 28 months toddler, wont eat even a single bit without his rhymes all started when he was 10months he was underweight i started to play the rhymes, so that he's distracted and would eat. Initially it helped him to gain some weight. But now its become a big problem, he won't eat at all when we are outside home. We had been out for a trip, he didn't eat anything for 2 whole days....just drank liters of water.
Now I feel very miserable for starting it in the first place. Am helpless now, am very worried because he doesn't drink  
milk,yogurt,icecream,cheese any diary products. He doesn't have any allergies, he just doesn't want to have. So,he's not getting much calories.
I have read every where that toddlers will have when they are hungry and they won't starve themselves. But my toddler just starves. Last week I tried to stop him from watching laptop...he didn't have food for 3 days and again i had to start.
He has not gained weight from 4 months. Am literally worried....please help
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Angelcy writes:
My toddler is 26 months and was stuck on babytv for months in order to eat. He was never hungry. I feed him every three hours just to maintain his weight. My huspand was the same until his teens so we accepted that he will never have normal weight.we started some vitamins to increase appetite the only good that came out is that now he eats faster we needed 40 to 60 min for lunch and dinner and 30 min for breakfast. Now we need 30 min and 15. Ask your pediatrician. Also to escape from babytv, we let him play on iPad and some of his toys.
I know some people may tell you that it's bad to eat and watch tv or play but, maybe their children liked food. Mine does not care for it. I left him once to get hungry 10 hours and nothing. He did not cry or asked for food.
Try games it's easier to take with you when you are outside the house. Tablets have a lot of toys to get busy.
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