jenniferstout asks:

My 2nd grade son & reading

My son is 7 & in 2nd grade. He does wonderful in Math, but struggles in reading. He rushes to read & in doing so if he doesnt know a word he will just say any word instead of trying to sound it out. This mainly happens in school, At home he does much better. They have now put him back in a remedial reading class because he wasnt reading up to the # of words per minute that he should be. He also has a hard time comprehending what he reads. I just dont know how to help him because they want him not to rush, but when they test him he has to read so many words per minute? He is a typical boy constant movement, how can I help him to concentrate & do his best in school?
In Topics: Helping my child with reading, Learning issues and special needs, Motivation and achievement at school
> 60 days ago

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