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2year old son calling my boyfriend daddy.

Iv been with my bf for about a year now. We live together, and my son has known him since he was a year old (now 2) He has recently started calling him "Da" and rarely "Dada" but he calls his father who sees him the normal every other weekend "Daddy" and "Dada". My bf loves my son very much. I have tried to tell my son no thats (name) but he argues with me and jus says "Da"! like hes telling me no hes Da. I don't quite know what to do, he has been in my sons life for half of it. So i understand and its hard to explain to a 2 yr old that thats not daddy. His father isnt too happy about it either...
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nativepride59 writes:
Your son is calling him the nickname he has chosen for him. Obviously he isn't calling him what he calls his Father so he must know the difference. Does anyone else call your boyfriend Dad? I wouldn't worry about it, we all have pet names and I believe this is what your son has chosen for his part-time Dad. isn't that what he is? Remember, "Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy". At this age you may confuse him more then anything. It will work out.
> 60 days ago

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