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3 1/2 year old son cries with daddy when mommy leaves

 Our son is 3.5 years (Aug08) and really since his younger brother was born at the end of December 2010 always cries with my husband. He's been the only dad in his life since he was 18 months (Feb 10). Finally in November 2011 it started getting better, our son was having fun with him and would play, now we've gone backwards like when his brother was first born. I leave to take care of livestock and he cries with his dad, he doesn't cry when I step out of the house when his dad isn't home. My husband asks him to come play or pick up his toys and he begins to ball if eyes out. With me and everyone else he is a happy child. My husband thinks by making him stay in his room by himself with no toys, no books and not interacting with me at all unless its time to eat, get a drink, or help in the bathroom. My husband hopes that by not allowing him to do anything he will want to play with him when he comes home. (I am a stay at home mom and he is a truck driver home on the weekends.) My husband loves him as his own, never spanks him, but isn't a pushover. I don't coddle him when he cries, I tell him he makes daddy sad by not wanting to play with him, he doesn't say things like "I don't like daddy, I hate you" or anything negative. I just don't know what to do. Were trying not to let it interfere with our matrices but my husband is hurt at why our son doesn't want to be with him. Thank you for your help.
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