TheresaSpade asks:

How can i help my 3 and a half son with speech delay at home.

My son was in speech therapy for a year and a half. we moved away from the school he was in, in hopes of getting him a free program for preschool but i was informed that since he is not 4 yet he will be on a waiting list. i plan on home schooling him until next Sept. So need to know if their ways to help him. i did printed out some things for him from this website and have preschool work books but would like to know if you have some advice to help my son be ready by next yr. Some of the time i don't understand him and we are trying also potty training, it is taking a long time for don't think he has the full concept. Any advice will do speech delay and also help with comprehension. Thank you.
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> 60 days ago