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My 3 year old cannot control his temper.  He hits, kicks, screams, and will not listen. I need help?

My 3 year old cannot control his temper.  He hits, kicks, screams, and will not listen to me.  When I ask him to clean his room, he will sometimes clean it up and other times he will throw a fit or start throwing his things around his room. While I was a the store yesterday, he was grabbing everything off the shelves, throwing the ad on the floor and yelling at me to pick it up off the floor for him, he was screaming and whining for absolutely no reason at all, when he was doing all of this... I stayed calm and told him to please be quiet and wait a moment because we were leaving soon.   I also told him he needed to stay seated.  He then started kicking me from the basket seat and hitting me.  I kept repeating myself to him and told him he wasnt being a very good boy and he needed to show me he was a big boy. I felt quite embarrassed.  His father and I split up for about 3 months and that's when I mostly noticed this. We are living back together, but still acts out.  Oh and another thing, when he is trying to do something and he is unable to do it.. he gets sooo frustrated and throws whatever he has or he will grunt and not finish.  I need help.  This is my only child and I need some assistance in what I should do.  I want to help him learn to stay calm when he cannot do something right at that moment, I try and tell him " practice makes perfect".  He is a good kid when he wants to be, he is just having a hard time and im having a hard time helping him through this.  
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Jul 20, 2013
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Temper tantrums can be hard to deal with.   Try to avoid situations that bring them on.  When they happen, ignore them as much as you can.  Reasoning with a child who is throwing a tantrum will get you nowhere, because he is not listening to you when he is screaming and kicking.  His frustration needs to burn off before you can have a conversation. If a tantrum happens in a public place, give him a warning.  If that does not work, leave the store, movie theater or wherever else you are.
If all of that fails, or tantrums become more severe, consider seeing a pediatric therapist.

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