EllieNov asks:

My 3 year daughter get so grumpy and angry and she pushes me away..

Hi , Our 3 year old daughter is so grumpy now and most of the time she pushes me away. She used to be so charming and sweet behaved before but since last month she changes. I just back to my work since 6 months ago and put her to day care 3-4 full days a week and recently we saw some negative behavior in her and I reduce my work hours and only spending time with her but she still pushes me away and so aggressive to me and more attached to Daddy. It really break my heart.. she gets aggressive to her friends and cry for no reason.. Sometimes it makes me so crazy with her behavior speciall with other kids.. I talk to her all the time.. show her how to  fix the problem but take lots of energy... Please help me.thanx
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> 60 days ago