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My 3 year old son is one of the meanest little boys i know. He don't like to share and he gets very jealous.

he dont like for me to hold other peoples kids he hates when i make him take a bath he is always swearing and hitting me what do i do about this because he is about to start pre school i dont want to have to come pick him up every day for these problems? im a single mother still in high school so it is very hard on me and him but that shouldnt give him no right to rebel like this. he is my heart and soul, but these behavior problems have to stop ive tried time out and taking away toys nothing seems to work we with him. HELP!!!!
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Mar 15, 2010
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Sorry to hear about behavioral problems that you have with your son.  Sounds like he has quite a temper!  I think that you should schedule an appointment with your son's health care provider for an evaluation and discussion of these behaviors.

Best regards.
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spudmommy writes:
Don't give up!  My son was a "determined" little fellow too.  Just be as consistent as you possibly can and punish on first time offenses. First time he throws something, timeout. First time he hits timeout... etc.  Aside from that he could possibly have something bothering him. Delayed speech (my little boy's trigger), gluten intolerance, adhd, autism.   My son got help for free by the state.  He was enrolled int he Infant/Toddler program for kids 1-3 and then now that he is 4, he goes to pre-school (basically special ed) for preschoolers.  He get's speech therapy once a week in addition to a regular preschool setting.  Type in your state and Infant/Toddler program in google to see if you can find it. Or ask your child's doctor, he should know the correct info for your area. Good luck!  BTW,  my son is allowed to get continued help from the school district until he's 18.  If for some reason he continues to have speech or behavioral problems, he still gets what help the school district can provide until he's an adult.  It's been a blessing for our family.  I provided the link for my state.  Check it out and even call them up. They could give you the number for your state.

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