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How can i help my 3 year old son stop hitting his brother and start listening to me and to stop screaming?

my 3 year old hits his older brother screams when he don't gets his way he tells us no and i don't want to or he will come out and say why.I can tell him to do something and he will just stand there and look at me.It seems like hes getting worse everyday that goes by.I tried everything and it seems like nothing doesn't work.Im ready to cry cause i know my son can be good but it seems like he don't want to be.I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Feb 17, 2010
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A 3-year-old should be able to follow instructions and be cooperative most of the time.  Temper tantrums are still common at this age, but if they escalate or are very severe, they might need a follow up.  

Does your child exhibit mood swings?  Does he destroy property? Is he mean to animals?  

You may want to schedule an appointment with your son's health care provider for an evaluation.  Your son may need bloodwork to rule out certain metabolic disease that may result in behavioral problems, and possibly see a counsellor for an evaluation of his behaviors.
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