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my 3 and half year old has speech delay, i joined him at school and he comes back with bite marks or scratches inside his ears..

my son is the only child at home, had not got much exposure to other kids and also has speech delay for which we have been taking him for therapy, the therapist says he has pragmatic speech difficulty, and we were suggested to go ahead and join him at school because that would give him more exposure and perhaps improve his language. but two months into his school life, his vocabulary i must say improved but mostly imitative talk such as repetition of instructions given at school, and my main concern is he has come back on few occasions with bite marks on his hand and some times with scratches behind and inside his ears and his cheeks. Talking with the teacher gave us no clue as to what might have happened. and my son doesn't have the capacity to explain. what should we do?
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miriclemom writes:
The marks your finding on your son could be a that he's stressed.  I too have a toddler who is quite delayed in his speech.  He continuously scratches the inside of his ear.  He's been doing it at least 1 year now.  When I mentioned it to the doctor he didn't seem to concerned.  I then insisted to see an audiologist.  The audiologist said that there appears to be no blockages in his canal.  We are now walking down a new avenue and have our toddler working with a speech therapist.  We're currently in week one and I'm hopeful that the therapy will help him find his voice.

You should absolutely seek the opinions of an audiologist and speech therapist.  They will provide you with ways to encourage your son find his voice so he's able to communicate with you and in the world around him.

I visit Youtube regularly for speech activity ideas and sight word videos to watch with my son.  I hope my suggestions give you some hope and helps you think about where to go from here.  I know all to well the heart ache a mother feels when your child can't communicate with you.  I'm not a specialist, just a loving mother who wants the best for her children both now and in the future.
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