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3 yr old going to restroom in pants

I am helping my parent foster my little cousin one of the girls is 3 yrs old. She got taken from her mother my 1st cousin back in late July, we had her potty trained when she came to live with us. Next her 5 yr sister came to live with us in late september and she started pooping her pants and peeing. Give or take 2wks she got back on track, next her 1yr sister came (in november) (we ended up taking in all three) then she started at it again. Well after getting her back on track her biological father has come in the to the picture now and started visits w/ her back in late Dec. she started back on and off mainly peeing her pants. Then as of 2wks she started actual alone visits w/ him and his family and as of this monday she started pooping again and peeing, some days she's good then others idk... Is it the change of everything, now she has a visit 4hrs a week w/ her mom, day visits to soon over nights on weekends, w/ biodad and family, followed by her living with us full time. Any suggestions I know she's a nervouse kid you can see it. Very happy and loving but is the pooping and peeing her way of dealing w/ STRESS or am I completely wrong???
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Apr 17, 2011
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Sounds like the child has gone through a lot and still has a lot of stress in her life.  Children her age need routines that provide predictability and offer safety.  The 3 -year-old has been dealing with a lot of changes in her life, and sounds like there is no predictability in her routine from her point of view, thus she regresses with her toilet habits.  That is very common in small children who cannot express what's bothering them.

Given the stress the child is under, she might benefit from seeing a pediatric therapist.  Her regular health care provider can make a suggestion of who to see.

Best regards.
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