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How to make my 4 year old listen?

I have a 4 year old son.I am having a really hard time with him while dropping him off at school.He keeps saying he wants to come home with me and that he misses me.But the moment I leave he is perfectly fine and does have a good time(his teacher also tells the same thing).He doesnt do this much if his dad drops him off.But with me he keeps pulling my shirt or clings to my leg and refuses to leave me.Also while doing any activity at school or at home he is not focussing.He keeps looking in all the directions or keeps talking ,basically does everything to avoid doing that particular work.I had my PTA AND his teacher is also saying the same thing.Making him sit and focus on his activity is getting hard..If I ask him to tell me what number comes after another he is not able to tell me rather he would starting counting from 1 again to tell me the answer.He is able to count in order but not otherwise.I really need some help.

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Apr 24, 2012
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You are concerned that your son acts out when you take him to school, and he is distracted from his schoolwork. Children at four years old tend to show some anxiety when transitioning from home to school. When the parent leaves, the child is fine. This is normal but can be disconcerting for the parent. The key is to prepare the child for the transition and describe what you want to see (not what you don't want to see). Make you the transition is quick. Work out the transition with the teacher or staff member. Leave quickly.

Being distracted at home or school is not unusual. The child may be distracted or overstimulated. Neutralize the environment- few distractions. A study carrel works well. Use a cardboard display on a table or desk.

Be very positive about his learning. You want to give him praise for staying on task for 5 minutes. (Set a timer.) You may extend the time incrementally one minute as the child masters each step.  

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