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My 4 year old is sleepwalking and peeing all over the house. Any advice?

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My 4 year old has also been sleepwalking and peeing all over the house...he has no idea he is doing this and has no recollection of it when questioned in the morning. Oddly husband claims that he did this very same thing as a child. It is just scary as  a mother when you hear your child crying or making strange noises and you see him peeing in random places all over the house...when I guide him back to his room he is still completely out of it (usually crying) and almost always trembling.Any advice?
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Wayne Yankus
Sep 26, 2010
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Deep sleepers do this behavior and have no memory of it.  while we can't prove inheritance, it seems anecdotally to be the case. If this is happening often, put him in a pull up at night and restrict his movement to some degree by using a room barrier or an alarm. the urinating will stop before the sleep walking does.

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