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What to use for 4 yr old who wets bed every night?

I understand my son is not ready to stay dry at night, as he has never been.  His pediatrician told us to wait until 5 before considering an alarm.  BUT what do I do to keep his sheets and PJs dry at night?  He currently wears Goodnites.  They often do the job, but about once or twice a week they can't hold everything and we have a wet child and a wet bed.  I have waterproof matress covers, but  I'm less than thrilled to have the extra laundry twice a week and concerned whenever we visit a relative.  Anyone have an amazing overnight diaper suitable to a 50lb super soaker?  I'd love to try your suggestion.

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Wayne Yankus
Dec 7, 2010
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Try using larger more absorbable diapers or pull ups. the problem will end when it does. children with night wetting generally don't have a medical problem.  You can also use rubber sheets along with the mattress cover. make the bed twice with the rubber sheet in between so all you have to do is peel off the first set of bedding in the night and there is a new set for him already on the bed to crawl into. Some people will double diaper or use diaper and underpants with toweling. Stay fast; it does end.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatricsWayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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