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My 4.5 year old daughter has recently started school and is having trouble settling.

My 4.5 year old daughter has recently started school and seems to be having trouble settling. I have been called in a number of times at the end of the day by her teacher to say she has been disruptive & her behaviour has been exceptionally bad. She has always has difficulty listening, she drifts off into her own little world & gets totally absorbed in what she is doing so has difficulty moving from one task to another. She also hums quite loudly which the teacher is understandably finding difficult. I'm told she doesn't help tidy up when asked or get her coat at the end of the day which I know makes it difficult for a reception teacher with a class of 30. I know my Daughter's lack of listening is frustrating but being told her behaviour is exceptionally bad, I find to be extreme. I don't know if this is just a 4 year old thing, although she has always been spirited and had her own unique way of doing things. Most the time at home we don't see this being a problem, I don't want to be constantly negative to her about her behaviour as the majority of the time it is fine, but it is just these extremes of not listening and humming and a certain need by her to do things in such a way. Is this normal or should I be looking into if it could be aspergers or something along those lines. I just get upset that the teacher always says its bad behaviour when I think she acts this way not to be naughty but because this is the way it helps her deal with certain situations.
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aclt2012 writes:
you kid is fine. its normal at her age. give her couple months in school to adjust and she will be better. remind her at home how to behave and  give her more responsabilities at home around the house too. as for her teacher: i would call a meeting and tell her your kid is not bad. this is new to her and she will adjust. tell her you dont want to keep hearing all the negatives. if she cant handle your kid she shouldnt be a teacher. my daughter is 4 1/2 too and she wonders off in the middle of me teachering her something. or she will change the subject. throws tantrums. yeah they are all the same. im scared to put her in school because she might throw a tantrum
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