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how is it that a 4th grade student can get an overall B grade in reading yet receives an F in comprehension?

my grandson is a student at forestville elementary i have worked with him every weekend his father has visitation ,we realized he was having a problem the teacher dismissed our concerns and decreased communication with his father.  My grandson slid in all subjects and his fathers only communication from school was 5-wk. reports that he had to ask for each marking period and that his son was not paying attention in class.  He offered a solution that has been used consistently since kindergarten(with the exception of 2Nd grade in that case my grandson failed the grade) and was once again ignored by the teacher.  I was questioning the grades from his final marking period and can't comprehend myself how these were established, what good does it do for a child to read and not comprehend?  How can he not have failing difficulty with all other subjects?  Mainly I'm made to feel like I'm picking on the teacher and my grandson every time I question or comment.
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EdEd writes:
Hi Selma - sounds like a tough situation with a few different things going on. To specifically answer your question about the F in comprehension but B in reading, comprehension is only a part of reading, but a big one. So, it could be that your grandson did really well on tests in other areas of reading (such as reading fluency, which is how fast and accurate he can read), but did poorly on just the comprehension portion. Comprehension is also the "final piece" in the reading chain, so it could be that he's doing quite well on more basic parts of reading, but struggling with putting it altogether in the end.

You also asked how it could be that he could get an F in reading comprehension yet not be failing other subjects, and that's a good question. The truth is that grades are based on many things, such as participation, attendance, homework, etc., and each subject can be graded differently. So, it could be that he's getting an F in comprehension because he didn't turn in homework in that area, didn't participate, or simply because he did bad on a few tests in that area. The simple answer is that grading in schools often doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and isn't always the best way to know if your grandson is doing well in that subject or not, because there are so many things that go into making that grade.

I think the bigger issue is the breakdown in communication between you/your son and your grandson's teacher. It seems like if that teacher were doing a better job communicating, you'd have more specific answers about grading is done in that particular classroom. Do you have any ideas about why the teacher has stopped communicating? It could be that if that improves, you'll get more answers about things like these differences in grades.
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