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My 4th grader has problems focusing in class and often doesn't complete classwork or homework. Any suggestions?

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aqblickley writes:
Hi deeandrob,

You seem very in touch with your child's experiences at school and after school - it's wonderful that you're so involved in your child's education!

Make sure your child is well-rested, and has eaten a good breakfast. Small lifestyle changes can mean a huge difference for his attention span.

The problem could be as simple as his being very distracted by things going on around him. If the teacher is aware of his difficulties, and I'm guessing that the teacher is the one who first made you aware of the issue, try talking about possibly moving him to a new location. Sometimes even a simple move to the front of the classroom is enough to help him focus his attention on the lesson.

As for at home, make sure he is doing his homework in a clean, quiet, well-lit, uncluttered environment. Even having the TV on or lots of things on the table can be enough to distract kids.

If you suspect that your son or daughter may have serious attention deficit issues, you may consider getting him evaluated by your family doctor or pediatrician.

A couple of other parents and teachers have asked similar questions in JustAsk and received some great responses. You may find the insight in the answers to the questions below helpful in your child's situation, too.

Good luck!

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