Jared7 asks:

My 4yr old stepson picks the skin off his thumbs and picks his fingers

I noticed awhile that when he turn 3yrs old he started doing this. Hes 4 now. Im concerned over it because he's picking his fingers to, looks gross. I try talking to him about it and with his mother, but havent got a clear response from him and she doesnt wanna pay attention to the problem right now. GGGRRRRR, so as dad Im trying to figure it out. He's told me before because he gets sad and because they itch. We all do not live together, Ive been in his life since his second birthday and the bio doesnt have any relationship with him or us; just a back story.

Help please!
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Wayne Yankus
Nov 12, 2010
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Dear Jared:

Check with your son's pediatrician.  If he has eczema or dry skin, he may pick because it really does itch.  Vaseline and lotion (unscented and white) usually helps. He is three years old and may not be able to really tell you why he does it, but like so many habits, it is hard to stop.  the sad part is a concern since most three year olds are not sad.  Bring this up to his doctor for some guidance, and confer with his mom as to your concern.  Best wishes with your son.

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