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Can my 5 year old child still attend the same school even though we are moving out of the city/school district?

We are moving in a few weeks to a different city, which means different school district. We are in the state of California. My work is less than one mile away from the school he is currently attending.  I will still be working at the same location even though we are moving to a different city.  Our new home is about 20 miles away from where he is currently attending school.  Can my child still attend the same elementary school even though we will have a new residence in a different city?
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kat_eden , Parent writes:
Hi carebear84,

I think the answer is "maybe". Usually, kids in California are assigned to a neighborhood school based on the address of their primary residence (so unfortunately your work address doesn't help). Even though your son has started the school year, I believe he could be asked to change schools once you move.

However, there may be hope. I live in California too, and - at least where we live - you can apply for an inter-district transfer. If your current school has space available (and no one from the assigned neighborhood waiting to get in), you may be able to keep him at the current school using this kind of transfer. The only way to find out if it's an option will be to call the district office of your current school to talk about the situation.

If it doesn't work out, there will definitely be some good things about your son attending school in your new neighborhood. It will help him make friends in your new area if he's going to school with kids there. Also, if he's going to play sports or do other activities in your town, it will be nice for him to get to see school friends at those events. It will also make your life easier on weekends when he's going to birthday parties and having play dates you won't have to drive the 20 miles to the old neighborhood!

Hope this helps!

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