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5 year old child-in reception class again

hello,my son is 5 year old(august born).he started school in last september. but he went to public school till january end.and from january end till july- he's gone to private january ,he has been put in reception class,where he is one of few youngest boy in his class.after sending him to this private school, i've seen a big improvement in his studies. at the moment he can count up to 20 and write down up to 20. he knows most of the letters but sometime confused in b and d.some times he forgets r or x.(he learns cursive writing in this private school).but he cannot read book yet. because i never encourage him to read the book. the problem is ,teacher told us he will be staying in reception class. so he is doing his reception class again. i feel like that he is left out.he is an active,smart boy. there are other kids in his last year reception class ,who cannot count up to ten till june this year. and they been sent to ks1.and my son left out.teacher and principal says,trust us we are doing best for your child.wouldn't he get board in reception class agin ? what i should/i can do?
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Oct 12, 2009

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Hi binita,

I'm sorry you're in such a stressful situation with your son.

I would first try not to get too caught up in comparing your son to the other students who moved beyond the reception class and into kindergarten. There are lots of factors that go into "kindergarten readiness" - not just academic skills. It could be that the teachers and principal have concerns about your son's ability to be successful in kindergarten based on his social skills even though he's doing so much better academically now.

There's lots of research to say that it's important for kids to be really ready for kindergarten when they start. If they're behind, socially or academically, it can be a really rough experience for them. If they feel behind or if they're always getting into behavioral trouble when they're in kindergarten, it can make them start to dislike school which is exactly the opposite of what you want to happen in kindergarten (which should be all about developing a love of learning and school).

I think there are lots of things you can do to keep your son from feeling "left out" by spending more time in reception. Kids this age are very adaptable! Talk to him about the fact that he's going to get to spend some more time in his current school/class so that when he goes off to kindergarten he'll be really ready. Talk to him about all the fun things he gets to do in reception and about the friends he'll have there.

Then I would just stay in really close touch with the teacher and principal. Make sure you understand exactly what their concerns are for your son so that you're sure you're doing everything you can to support him at home.

Hang in there!


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