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How can I help my 5 year old son stay on task?

My son has been having issues as related to me on his report card that he cannot stay on task and is never organizing his materials. What can I do to help? How exactly or what can I do to teach him these skills? I know they are important but have no clue what or how to teach this! My son is a very active and social boy who loves and enjoys being around other people I think sometimes he is so overly excited that he can't concentrate! I do however have these same problems with him at home and have to repeat myself and steps and reminders to him for many tasks.  Should I be concerning myself enough to mention this to his doctor? Could it be a sign of something more serious? He does have a speech delay that has been assessed and he is receiving speech therapy for and he seems to have an obsession with dinosaurs and computers.  He is not the most coordinated person either. I have read some things as far as Aspergers go, but tend to think not because of how he is socially. Any suggestions please? They are greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!
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