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How to help 6 year old grasp concepts she needs to know to progress to next grade?

"I have a 6year old with a delay by 3 years, and is in school. She is not expected to got to the first grade next year. Does anyone have any ideas to help her grab the things she needs to know to progress which is everything?"

Asked by Danyell after reviewing the activity, " Phonics Fun: C is for Caterpillar!":
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tawneevu writes:
As a teacher (and mother of an autistic son), I saw your questions and felt compelled to comment. I find that whatever is motivating for your little one is what will help her grasp all concepts. For example, my son loves trains and any letter introduction, writing, reading, and math lessons are centered around trains. Also, keep in mind that many of us learn differently. This in mind, is she visual? Pictures, video, and field trips help her learn. Is she lacking auditory receptive language and have trouble sitting? Perhaps she is most motivated when she can dance, stand, and/or move to songs or rhythms. If you find that she only wants to watch a show about dogs, then maybe she needs dogs with names like, "Alfie, Bob, and Clarence." Lol - hope this may help and no matter where she is at in school is just perfect. As long as she is progressing (no matter how slow you may feel that is), you can be there to learn more about her learning styles and how they may change over time.
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